City Manager
Pam Hagerman
 City Administrator

Rental Inspector is Tony Brown.  Please contact City Hall at 989-584-3515 with requests to register rental properties.  Our Rental Ordinance can be found under Ordinances here on our website.



 Mon-Thurs 7AM-4PM

City Hall Open for Absentee Ballots
City Hall will be open from 7am - 3pm for anyone wanting to obtain an Absentee Ballot for the August 2nd Election.
Important Tax Dates

We will be open for Business February 14, 2022 from 7am to 5pm. This is due date for taxes to be paid without penalty.

Also we will be open on February 28, 2022 from 7am to 5pm. This is the last day to collect taxes locally. After this date residents will have to go to the County to pay their taxes.

Meeting Information


Date:  4/29/2021
Location:  City Hall, 123 E. Main Street
Time:  5:00 p.m.

Discussion:  City of Carson City Capital Improvement Plan (FYE 2022 to FYE 2027)

Note:  CDC protocols are in effect.  Masks must be worn.

Meeting Agenda

City of Carson City
652 N. Williams Street
Carson City, MI 48811

September 20, 2022
6:00 PM

Meeting called to Order at 6:00 PM

 Roll Call : Gage, Hauck, Kapustka, Keiffer, McCrackin, Miller, Parmenter.

 Pledge of Allegiance

 Consent Agenda:

  • Minutes of August 16, 2022
  • August Bills/Checks as presented
    Total $208,517.08 City’s responsibility $202,552.41

 Discuss/Take Action

  • Granger Waste Service- Scott Truman
  • Sign information for City Hall/and side of roads coming into town -Pam Hagerman
  • Monarch Garden- Heidi DeLong, and Deb McCrackin
  • Library Increase, administration cost
  • Auto Aid Agreement/ Maple Rapids-Mark Crawfis

Spicer Group-John Bradley

Department Reports:

Public Comment: The public is invited to ask questions or offer comments.  The Mayor/Council does reserve the right to limit the amount of time devoted to a specific topic. 


In and effort to comply with social distancing, City Hall currently has only one entrance on the East side of City Hall that is open to the public.  Masks are required to enter and please do not enter if there is another person at the counter.  Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time. 




Carson City is located in the center of the State on State Highway 57 (M-57).  It is within an hour’s driving time of Grand Rapids, Lansing, and Mt. Pleasant.  The City encompasses one (1) square mile and we have a population of approximately1100 people.

You will be impressed by the attractiveness of Carson City.  There are many large Maple trees that line our streets, homes are very well kept as residents take pride in the appearance of their yards and houses.  There are a variety of landscape designs.  Streets and sidewalks are well maintained with an ongoing sidewalk improvement program that is very reasonably priced for residents. The City Council is proactive in infrastructure improvements.

Our Business District has a variety of storefronts including, but not limited to, antique shops, hardware store, hair stylist, pizza shop, quilt shop, art studio, flower shop and insurance agencies. See our business directory for additional information.

The City Council, acting proactively, continues to update streets, sidewalks and infrastructure.  Carson City has been awarded a $660,000.00 storm water, wastewater and asset management grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  We will be able to camera all existing wastewater and storm water lines, catch basins and lift stations to determine size, quality, condition and make of each line. This will help us as we continue to upgrade problem areas to insure our residents have the best quality infrastructure available. 

Our volunteer Fire Department services the City and several surrounding townships.  Our Fire Chief leads a very well trained and dedicated group of volunteers. He is always looking for additional men and women that want to helptheir community in a service roll.  You may contact City Hall for more information and the requirements to become afire fighter.

Our City has a fantastic park system.  It consists of three parks that are all connected by walking trails.  The 80 acre system has several recreation opportunities for residents and visitors. See the accompanying park section for further information on each of our parks.

Carson City is also home to a very modern, state of the art, hospital that is affiliated with Sparrow Health in Lansing. The hospital has a very dedicated staff to serve their patients.  For further information look for  Sparrow Carson Health Network.