West Park

Located on M-57 at the Western Edge of the City

West Park was converted to a City Park with the help of a Michigan Department of Natural Resources Grant in 1996. It consists of approximately 48 acres. 

You may bring your own volleyball and "spike" or "dig" in the sand volleyball area.  

There is a Leathers wooden play structure that was built by community volunteers for kids to play on. At the entrance to the playground is a picnic pavilion over three picnic tables; bring a lunch, enjoy the shade as you read a chapter or two in that favorite book while the kids play. 

You may bring a friend and your own basketball for that game of "horse" that you have been thinking about. 

The fitness folks will enjoy a walk on either the 1/2 mile or 1/4 mile paved trail; enjoy the sights as you take several laps. 

That quick lunch can be enjoyed at picnic tables placed along side Fish Creek, a designated trout stream. There are also several picnic tables in a nice shaded area along Butternut Creek. 

West Park is connected to Haradine and Grove Parks by a bridge over Fish Creek which puts you on the connector trail to the other parks.