Our new Police Car!!  We were awarded a Grant through the USDA to help with the cost of this purchase.  Our old car has received a face lift so it has the same graphics. 


In Montcalm and Ionia County we are seeing an upswing in Larceny from Auto complaints. Please be vigilant and make sure your car is locked. These thieves are looking for easy quick scores like money, wallets, pursues, and electronics. As we enter the Holiday Season they will also be looking for gifts and purchases that you make. Remember you become a victim by not using the safety measures you have. Don’t let someone ruin your Holiday or your take something that you consider valuable. Lock your doors and keep things hidden in the trunk. Have a great Holiday Season and stay safe.




Please be aware of the many scams that are occurring in our area especially over the Holidays. One such scam is a phone call about shutting off your power and or gas. They may ask you to buy “Green dot Cards” and then read to them the numbers on the back of the cards. Then they clear the money from the account and when you figure out you have been scammed it is too late. Most of these scams originate out of the U.S. and cannot be traced or prosecuted. Do not pay for any services over the phone. Make them send you a bill and then pay by check or credit card so you are protected. Other scams include helping those who are less fortunate and they may use similar tactics. Please make sure what you do is reputable and honest. Only you can protect yourselves from being scammed. If you have any questions please contact your local police department.






Chief Schrameck
Office (989) 584 6448